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About Me

For close to 10 years I've been working in the on-line world.  I started out working for Newcap Radio in 2005 selling advertising on Local Moncton..com, then I'd left and became Vice President of LocalCanada.com. 

4 years ago, I started Brad Web Design.  Coming from a sales background and having many relationships within Greater Moncton, I've been able to make a living at creating web sites and helping small and medium sized businesses make their mark in the on-line world.  I currently manage over 100 web sites all across Canada and a couple in the US, with about 75 within Greater Moncton. 

I know my market is small and medium sized businesses.  Most of my clients are family owned operations that just do not have time for this, lol.  They know they need to be on-line, but initially had a very limited knowledge or time for the subject.  Many of my clients, now manage their own facebook fan pages, that we created for them and showed them how to use.  My wife, Amanda, for the first 3 years, was a great help with setting this up, and she set up the majority of the facebook fan pages.  Now she's running the Community Kitchen up at the Trinity Superstore, call Amanda for all your birthday party and gourmet class needs!

I have 2 kids, Riley (14) and Madison (10) who I love with all my heart.  And 2 dogs, Emma and Peewee, who I also love tremendously.  My wife of 2 years, Amanda, has been the best sopport system while I built up my clientele and learned my craft.

What do I do?
I create and manage web sites for small and medium sized businesss.  I create and help them with their facebook fan pages as well.  About 90% of the time, I'm dealing with inbound client updates.  Truthfully, you'll probably never hear from me to check up and see how it's going, but if you email me, or send me a facebook message, it'll be handled that day.  If it's an emergency, it goes to the top of the list.

All of my web sites, I designed with my code.  You'll see a lot of similarities in my web sites as you go through my portfolio.  I don't use any templates designed by other companies.  I take my knowledge and your brand and do the best that I can using the tools I've gathered over the years.  Generally, if you are my client, I'm your web guy and I make all updates to your web site.  I'm your professional when it comes to the online world.  If you do want a web site that you can make updates to, I can help you set that up, and give you a nice control panel through my Hosting web site.