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I can accomodate any email need your company might have.  I don't charge for email forwards, which means you already have an email account, like a godaddy account, and you need an email for the company to flow into that account.  For example, you have john.smith@gmail.com but you want a john@johnshomerenos.com email address to go into the gmail account.  That's something I'd just do for you.

If you'd like new email account, I can set you up with that as well.  They basically start at $25 a year for 1, $45 for 2, $60 for 3, etc... Through godaddy, I have access to a great web mail system which is easy to set up with your outlook or phone, which I will help you set up if needed.  Below is a screen shot of what the online web mail system looks like.