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I offer a couple different hosting options.  Most clients, I host on my servers.  I have 2 which I rent annually from Godaddy.  These guys are hands down the best at what they do.  We've had some issues over the years where I've needed them to jump onto action and they've never let me down.  Earlier in the year we recieved a brand new server, right out of the box, so if I'm hosting your site, you'll be well taken care of, I'm basically your web guy.  For that I charge $200 for the year and you get a domain name and 2 hours of work on renewal. 

The 2nd option is that you can host the site yourself through my Hosting web site.  This is a great option for someone setting up their own web site in wordpress or by their own guys.  I have a 24/7 customer service team that's available for this type of client.  It also comes with a great little Control Panel.