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Redesign your Web Site

You already have a web site? Are you proud of it? If you are... awesome...

If you're not, let me freshen it up for you.  Web site's that have been around for a while are great because they've been indexing with search engines the whole time.  But if the content hasn't been updated for a while, you're probably getting poor rankings.  Basically, the search engines know about you... but aren't crazy about you right now.  However, search engines have a very short memory.  Once you start updating the site regularly, once a month even, the rankings will improve pretty quickly.  So not only will you be getting higher rankings and new visitors, these new visitors are getting some fresh new content.

There are a few options when it comes to hosting for a web site that is already being hosted somewhere else.

- In most cases we just transfer the domain over to one of my servers and basically become your "web guy".  If you have any questions, give me a shout, if you need any updates, they'll get done within 24 hours, if you need emails set up, I can take care all of that for you.

- In cases where you want to manage your own web site, like a wordpress site, I'd set you up with your own hosting package through my hosting service.  This option would also be appropriate for someone with a database web site, or even an ecommerce site.

- If you already have a hosting service you're happy with, or a domain registrar that's been doing a great job with your emails, I can connect through FTP to upload the new site. 

There are basically options for all situations.  Once we have a chat, we can figure that out.