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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With all of my web sites, I do my best to code them with proper meta tags for your company.  There are some key things that need to be done.

- Set up the meta tags
- Have a google + Page
- Have a Facebook Fan Page
- Hook up the google analytics (you'll get weekly stats each Monday)
- Make sure all the pages have appropriate titles
- Have a site map
- Use the proper header tags

Those are the basics that need to be done.  With some industries, I've been able to get companies to the top of google within a couple months.  Other industries may be facing more obstacles.  In some cases these companies have competitors who have had very good web sites with proper search engine optimization for years.  In that case they'll need to do some outside promotion, which could be a good facebook campaign, or If you want to be at the top right away, you might want to work some google ad word money into your budget.  It is crucial that businesses include their web address in EVERYTHING they do.  Yellow page, TV, Radio, even place mat ads should all have the companies web address.